How to Earn Free Robux tips & tricks

Welcome to BLX.GG – this is a platform which allows you to earn Robux in exchange for helping out our partners. We want to immediately clarify that "free" Robux does not exist, as things are never truly free. This is also clearly mentioned by Roblox themselves. However, this is a good thing because it means that the methods we describe are legit. We simply aggregate various ways to monetise our platform and give you a royal piece of our earnings in Robux. To make it more fun we added a gamified layer on top of this allowing you to get bonus rewards and keep it interesting which you can see on the rewards page.

Easy Ways to Earn Robux

1. Offerwalls, the best way to earn on our platform

Offerwalls are without a doubt the best way to earn Robux on our platform. You will directly see the reward we will give you after you complete challenges. Typically a survey can yield around 60 Robux and typically take 5-15 minutes to fill out. We do urge you to fill the questions in with honest answers, and if you can't please skip the survey and find another one. If you don't like surveys then there are also various games you can download and play. If you want to learn more about offerwalls then you can check this resource.

2. Stay in touch to get some of our promocodes

We sometimes give out promocodes to celebrate launches of new features or hitting milestones like reaching an x amount of users on Discord. Promocodes are sure to increase your wallet balance by quite a substancial amount. We typically hand them out on our social medias as well to the people that are first to see our Instagram story or TikTok comment. Lastly, we hand out promocodes to friendly creators to reward their viewers with some extra Robux through promocodes.

3. Reading our blogs

We recently added a feature where you can read out blogs and get a reward for leaving a reaction, though small, it will consistently add up and you can do it 2x a day. Besides that, we like to write interesting blogs so you can learn a thing or two by reading them. If you yourself have some ideas on what we should write, send us a concept and if we publish it then you will get a Robux promocode from us too. Promocodes can be redeemed on our website and you can pay it out, if you want to learn more about withdrawing you can read more here.

4. Level up!

Leveling your username on our website is another way to get Robux, if you complete enough rewards you will gain enough XP to claim level up bonusses. These add up to 500 free Robux and beyond! We are also going to add community events in the future and double xp events during the weekend. There is sure more to come.

Anything to watch out for?

Yes, unfortunately there are many websites that gives the concept of earning Robux a tainted name. Of course we are going to recommend our own service, in case you do not like it there are other similar websites. If you are going to persue those then you should make sure there is an active support system in place like we have. You should be able to join the Discord and open tickets if needed. Also the appearence of the website matters, it should look well polished and have a guideline and enough explaination.

Roblox generators

This simply does not exist, there is no way for external websites to "generate" Robux. Robux are issued out by Roblox and they cannot be generated. We also don't "generate" Robux, instead we buy them legitimately from Roblox Corporation.

NEVER, seriously NEVER enter your password

If a website asks for your password, instantly close it. Trust us, this is NOT needed and will likely get your account stolen. We also NEVER ask for your password.


Engage with diverse activities, explore opportunities, and watch as your Robux balance go up faster than you think. Each task completed, each event participated in, and each moment spent on our platform contributes to your journey towards Robux riches. Start earning Robux today and elevate your Roblox experience to new heights! Continue to Earn robux