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Roblox is exploring new demographics

Roblox is exploring new demographics

Roblox is still a widely popular game and the player base is thriving. There has been growth in nearly every quarter and it reached new heights of 200+ million monthly active users. This might be increased further considering that Roblox recently announced that they will be allowing experiences for older demographics that may contain more violence like guns, alcohol and so forth. These are aimed towards players between the ages of 17 and 24.

What might we expect?

Roblox will require you to verify your age by uploading your government ID and a selfie. These are quite strict measurements considering most games let you play. However, it’s noteworthy that Roblox does this in order to protect its younger audience. They are considering adding more verification methods, but for now, it’s limited to this option only.

The experiences should still respect Roblox their guidelines, however, there is more leeway on what is allowed and what is not. These 17+ experiences may contain more violence, blood, guns and alcohol. The reason behind the choice for allowing these is unclear, we think this could have something to do with the amount of Roblox memes appearing on Instagram and the game gaining popularity due to its free-to-play status. There could also be a layer of content creators finding game modes like FaZe Jev.

Faze Jev playing Roblox Frontlines

source: Faze Jev YouTube

So far there hasn’t been an explosion in 17+ creations but once a few game modes have been implemented that also work, it could mean more and more players come and play. This often occurs with sandbox experiences where there just has to be one great and fun experience in order for people to flock in. This has happened with the likes of prop hunt in Garry’s Mod or obviously battle royale in Fortnite.

The platform is delicately managing both its growing mature user base and a steady influx of young players who come to enjoy games like Adopt Me! and Blox Fruits. While it is accurate to acknowledge the gradual ageing of the Roblox audience, there is scant evidence to support the notion that they are transitioning predominantly to more adult-oriented experiences.

Our concerns

Though there is a lot of potential, so far there weren’t many creations that benefitted from the 17+ rules. We are concerned that the fact that these attributes are now allowed means that game modes will be fully based around these attributes, like nightclubs with drinking or casino’s. What we would love to see is if creators succeed in creating game modes that utilize these parts without being based around them. Perhaps like a fighting game that still sticks to the Roblox style but has a few more things like the characters becoming progressively more drunk, or perhaps some blood/gore to create a mortal combat-style game.

How to access it?

All 17+ experiences can be found here, which is still a relatively small list. Some creations might cost money which should not be an issue considering you can earn free Robux right here on our platform! If these are not visible you have to do an age verification process first, and after that, you can play them. We expect the list of available games to grow over time as demand grows too. Many creators likely prefer to create games accessible to all because they appeal to a larger audience.