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How to play Roblox on every platform

How to play Roblox on every platform

Roblox is available on different platforms including Windows, MacOS and even Linux if you play it in browser. Most popular platforms include mobile devices such as Android and IOS but did you know you can even play Roblox in VR?

To get started you will need a Roblox account which you can use to login on every platform. This is awesome because you will also be able to share your skins across each platform! Now you can pick your platform of choice, our favourite is desktop in which case you can download Roblox from their website or continue in browser. You can also download it from the windows store. If want to play Roblox on MacOs you can choose to do so as well as it is now supported on silicon (M1/M2/M3 chips). The installation for this is pretty straightforward. For Roblox on PS you can access the Playstation store and simply download it for PS or if you’re on Xbox you can download it from the Xbox store. This setup is also relatively straightforward as you just have to login after creating and account on

But did you know you can even play Roblox in VR and it’s relatively inexpensive nowadays too considering VR headsets go for 250$ like the Meta Quest 2, even though it’s a bit of an older model. A game in VR that we love here at BLX.GG is Clashers VR and Cook Burgers. Though it did take some effort to set it up. Here’s what we did;

Roblox with Steam VR

Firstly, you need to install the Steam VR app and choose OpenXR as backend for Steam VR by going to ‘Advanced Settings’ and select the developer tab. Then select ‘set SteamVR as OpenXR runtime’.

Steam VR minimally needs 4GB of RAM, a GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 or higher. You can use free tools like Speccy to check your hardware.

If all status icons are green then you set everything up correctly. Now you can bring up the system dashboard and open Roblox from there. Make sure you toggle VR mode in Roblox’s settings menu as well. This should be enough to start playing your favourite games in VR!

Roblox on Oculus VR

Download and install the Oculus VR app, which you can only do with certain hardware specifications. You need for example at least a GTX1060 graphics card or an RX 480 AMD card. It’s also recommended to have 8 GB’s of RAM. If you are not sure, you can use a free software tool like Speccy to check which hardware you have.

Connect your device and confirm that the status is ready. Then go to Settings > General and make sure you are running it on OpenXR. Now you can go to the apps on your Oculus VR headset and play Roblox!

What if school blocked Roblox?

If your school blocked Roblox but you wanna play with your friends during the lunch break then you can download a VPN, pro tip: there are offers on BLX.GG that require you to use a VPN so you can earn free Robux in the meanwhile!

A VPN allows you to bypass the firewall because you will connect to their servers first and then to Roblox. This is safe and will not get you banned.

What if you switch platform?

You can, at any time, switch a device. If you no longer like playing on Xbox and switch to Roblox PS for example, you can simply login and all your skins and Robux remains on your account!