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How to earn robux?

How to earn robux?

There are many methods described online and even on our website on how to earn free Robux. In this blogpost we want to write all methods we know including the services that we offer. Right of the bat we want to clarify that “free” does not truly exist, this would imply that someone out there is using their own money to buy something for you which is extremely rare. There are also no hacks, software or websites that can generate it for you. Knowing all this, there is still hope as there are ways to earn Robux in exchange of doing a service which is where our website comes in play besides many other methods!

How to earn Robux on our website?

The most straightforward way is our offerwall system. The way it works is that we have selected a wide range of offers like completing surveys, downloading games and watching videos. These are based on ads which helps companies do research or gain popularity for their game. In exchange of this, ad revenue is generated, which we use to buy Robux and reward you seconds after we get notified by our partners that the offer is completed.

Once you receive your hard earned Robux you can withdraw it directly through private server and game pass withdraw methods. During the whole process the only thing we need is your username in order to transfer, so you never have to enter your password.

On top of this we also hand out Roblox promocodes which gives you items, for now just Robux, on our website which you can withdraw, no strings attached. Besides the promocodes we also offer extra benefits like daily challenges and level up rewards. Daily challenges include reading blogs containing Roblox news, guides (like this one) and reviews of servers. This way we can present interesting information and reward you for reading it, though the reward isn’t too big, it does help you. You can get the reward after being logged in and spending 30 seconds reading the blog page.

How to earn Robux in Roblox?

Roblox built a thriving economy using their Robux currency which works by rewarding people that add content to their free to play sandbox game. This method is a great way to earn Robux especially if you enjoy creating content and have the skills for it. There are many ways to do it, like creating clothing, games, helping servers and more!

Make clothing

Creating clothing in Roblox is a relatively easy process and many YouTube channels already cover this. We will create a free asset platform at some point which will help you to get started, this will contain many tools like downloadable assets. All you need to get started making clothing is good software, if you want to stay fully free you can look at Photopea or Gimp. If you have some money to spare, perhaps Affinity Photo is a good choice.

Create games

Creating games is how some Roblox creators make a lot of Robux, especially the really big successful ones. But you will need to learn to code and 3D model which is going to take time. We recommend this method if you want to be a game developer or software engineer later in life as it can give you a lot of hands on experience to start now. But don’t expect instant results from this method. You could however team up with other people and offer a helping hand, often projects have a lot of “boring work” that they’re willing to pay for.

Dangers to look out for or avoid

As mentioned earlier, there is no way to generate Robux and no incentive to give away Robux completely for free. There always has to be a favour to return. We are pretty clear that the favour you do for us is generate ad revenue, this is a fair system so we all get a piece of the pie. We use the ad revenue to buy Robux, keep up the website and pay staff. Contrary to that, website claiming they can do this all for free are most likely hiding something.

Free Robux generator

Generating Robux for free is completely impossible. The only entity that is able to generate it is Roblox Corporation themselves and they only do this when you purchase Robux. We also buy our Robux from there as there is no other way to obtain it.

Usually these types of sites claim that they can generate Robux after you do some steps which usually starts by asking for your username. Then they show some animations, technical terms and loaders, after which they tell you it’s successful and they just need your password. If you enter your password then your account will be likely stolen. That’s why we highly recommend not to use these types of websites. In some cases they tell you to complete a offer to “lock in” your generated Robux, but we recommend not fiddling with these sites either because there is no guarantee you get the Robux since they are not transparent about the way they obtained it in the first place, as generating is impossible.

roblox gambling

This is a big NO because it’s highly against Roblox terms of service. These sites do work but we do not recommend nor condone gambling in any way so we urge you to refrain from using these websites. On top of that, these websites usually require for you to enter your personal information like username with password, which means they have full access to your account.


Some people pretend to be others, like famous YouTubers, you should be very wary of this! If the YouTuber in question leaves a comment saying you can get something for free, it usually is a scammer trying to pose as the youtuber. You can tell if they’re the actual person or not by the verification icon. You can tell by the way it’s presented and the checkmark next to the name.


There are many ways to earn Robux and we continuously work on our websites to improve and add more methods. You can also earn Robux through Roblox which works well but requires more time, we allow you to earn robux relatively fast.