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10 Most Popular Roblox Games Of 2024

10 Most Popular Roblox Games Of 2024

Roblox is a gaming platform bursting with creativity, offering a diverse range of games crafted by talented developers from around the world. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Fear not, as we've compiled a list of the top 10 most popular Roblox games of 2024 to help you dive into the excitement quickly!

10. Blade Ball

Created By Wiggity

Roblox Blade Ball image

Blade Ball is a recent addition to Roblox, debuting in June 2023. Despite its youth, the game has already attracted over 2.4 billion visits within six months and boasts a thriving player community. With its focus on timing and strategy, players must deflect a homing ball that accelerates over time, aiming to achieve high scores on the leaderboard.

9. Arsenal

Created By ROLVe

Arsenal delivers an exciting first-person shooter adventure, drawing inspiration from the Arms Race mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Recognized at the 7th Annual Bloxy Awards in 2020, this game has racked up over 5.1 billion visits on Roblox. Its unique feature is the weapon-switching mechanic, where each kill or assist results in a new weapon from a diverse selection. Arsenal made history in June 2020 as the first FPS on Roblox to surpass 1 billion players, and its popularity endures with frequent updates keeping players engaged.

8. Royale High

Created By Callmehbob

Royale High offers a dazzling high school experience in a magical realm where players can dress up their avatars in stunning outfits and socialize in a roleplaying environment. Despite not being regularly monitored, this popular game hosts holiday events and activities, catering to players of all ages. With over 9.4 billion visits on Roblox, Royale High's servers are bustling, and its virtual hallways are always buzzing with activity.

7. Murder Mystery 2

Created By Nikilis

Murder Mystery 2, inspired by a Garry's Mod game called Murder, defies expectations with its blocky avatars in a horror-themed setting. Despite this, it has amassed over 13 billion visits on Roblox. In groups of up to twelve, players take on roles like murderer, sheriff, or innocent. The murderer must stealthily eliminate others with a knife while the sheriff and innocents work together to identify and stop them. It's a thrilling game of deception and survival that keeps players coming back for more.

6. Piggy

Created By MiniToon

Piggy, a survival horror game on Roblox, started as a joke by MiniToon in 2020 but quickly gained a massive following. It has earned prestigious awards like the 2021 Roblox Game of the Year and Builderman's Award of Excellence at the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards. Additionally, it received the 2022 Roblox Innovation Award of Best Content Update. Its official PlayPiggy website showcases a wide range of merchandise inspired by the game.

5. MeepCity

Created By Alex Newtron

MeepCity on Roblox offers a social playground where players can personalize their avatars, mingle, and engage in a range of activities like mini-games and fishing. With over 15.7 billion visits and a bustling daily player base, MeepCity provides a diverse array of fun, from caring for virtual pets to decorating houses and more!

4. Tower Of Hell

Created By YXCeptional Studios

In Tower of Hell, players face a challenging climb up a constantly resetting tower, striving to reach the summit every eight minutes. This popular "obby" game, short for obstacle games, has seen numerous revisions and updates over time, along with several clones. With over 22.1 billion visits on Roblox, Tower of Hell attracts countless players eager to conquer its heights.

3. Blox Fruits

Created By Gamer Robot Inc

Blox Fruits, inspired by the famous One Piece manga and anime, is all about discovering mystical Blox Fruits that grant unique powers. These fruits pop up randomly every hour in the game and disappear after 20 minutes if not found. Using these magical fruits, players battle tough enemies and bosses while exploring the seas for hidden treasures. With over 26.2 billion visits and a daily player count ranging from 300 to 700, Blox Fruits is a hit among Roblox users!

2. Adopt Me

Created By Uplift Games

Adopt Me, a super cute game on Roblox, lets you collect adorable pets and create your dream home for them. It's been a top game on Roblox since 2020 and has had over 34.9 billion visits! Although it was overtaken by Brookhaven in July 2023, it's still a fan favorite.

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1. Brookhaven RP

Created By Wolfpaq

According to Roblox's latest stats, Brookhaven RP is the most popular game, with over 40.4 billion visits in less than three years! As of August 2023, it has about 500,000 players every day. In Brookhaven, you can do tons of stuff like go to school, work, drive cars, own homes, and hang out with others in a cool virtual city.